Multiple Hen Harriers nests reported at Langholm

We have just been advised that there are currently 6 female Hen Harriers  incubating eggs on Langholm moor; this is indeed great news for everyone supporting the Hen Harrier. Interestingly, there are 4 male Harriers servicing the six nests. Additional Hen Harriers have been seen in the area and more nest may yet be on the cards. Short-eared owls have been recorded in high numbers at Langholm and one addition secret location in the northern Pennines.

hen harrier terry-

Hen Harrier Langholm feeding a brood of 4 chicks


The current situation at Langholm offers all of us with the unique opportunity to visit the moor and watch Hen Harriers and Short-eared owls from the side of the road. You may never get the same chance to do this again so what are you waiting for. The more individuals who stop to watch these birds the better chance of their survival, at least until they fledge away from the moor.

Hen Harrier

If anyone takes up this opportunity, and we are sure many of you will, watch for the adult Harriers catching lizards to feed their young back in the nest.

4 comments to Multiple Hen Harriers nests reported at Langholm

  • nirofo

    How many will be allowed to survive to the end of fledging, how many will be allowed to live long enough to see their first breeding season back at Langholm or anywhere else for that matter ????

    We can only wait and hope that the usual killing spree doesn’t happen !!!

  • skydancer

    If only this success could be replicated in the Forest of Bowland.

  • paul williams

    Skydancer, We at the NWRPG are having a Hen Harrier peaceful protest, this has been organized by us at the NWRPG to coincide with the “Birders Against Wildlife Crime’s” very same peaceful protests in other Shires of which they initially instigated. Feel free to come to Dunsop Bridge on the 10th of August and voice your opinion.We really do need to show solidarity on the plight of our now missing Hen Harriers from our Moorland Fells.

  • Macaris

    Some good news for once! I would love to visit the moor. Any advice on a good viewing point would be appreciated. Which of the A7 (Langholm) or B6357 (Newcastleton) is better? Haven’t seen a British hen harrier since I was in Scotland on my honeymoon – nearly 36 years ago.