Persecution: My Righteous Indignation.

Too Ashamed to be outraged.

We would like to thank one of our followers for taking the time and trouble for writing these personal words, and second for allowing us to share them with the world. Staying silent is no longer an option, your silence allows such atrocities to continue.

The shame that comes with impotent outrage is a shadow that dogs quite a lot of people, if we are really honest with ourselves.

goshawk legs

The Suffering this Goshawk endured is unimaginable.  

It is the not speaking up that sticks in our throats, but knots in our guts still sitting there, continuing to choke each of us when we know something is very wrong, but we still don’t speak up about this unacceptable outrage. This is now a collective shame, we have been bullied, intimidated and led by ignorance into our silence, fear is the war we are now waging in our minds. This shame has now boiled over into righteous indignation, I can no longer go on denying what my eyes, ears and hands have witnessed.

We are going through a mass extinction, extermination of our wildlife, and this has got nothing to do with climate change. This is the systematic poisoning, snaring and shooting of our native wildlife, starting at the top with all raptors.

Our top predators are being exterminated, why you may cry? Purely for profit, purely for pleasure, eh what you now cry? All for non native, imported birds, that the estate’s rear then release for shooting, which you the tax payer help to fund.

Comparing the contribution made to communities by all kinds of outdoor recreational pursuits, including mountain and hill walking, river sports, seasonal skying, climbing, bird watching and eco-tourism, the financial benefits communities derive from game shooting is minuscule.


A Peregrine with a shot wing

The insidious practice of setting snares, such cruelty and suffering inflicted on an animal, a creature that just lives where it does because it is wild. The sneaky indiscriminate poisoning that goes on along our rural roads, estate tracks and on upland moorlands has been noted. The gun ho attitude of many gamekeeper has been noted; some may have gone to college, some apprenticed to head keepers, but some display the arrogant ego driven dangerous wild boys attitudes. The estates, the factors, the land management, those that are supposed to know better, turn away, pay the fine, carry on the way they want to, doing lip-service to their responsibilities. But when in private, they ridicule and laugh at protection, laugh at authority and intimidate the locals, or anyone else who may have the courage to say enough is enough.

Maybe by now you will be wondering  how such  behaviour is allowed to carry on? How are the gamekeepers and landowners getting away with this? Fear and intimidation that’s how.

It is also approved by the upper echelons, the establishment, the landed gentry, who no longer behave like gentlemen, just thugs with shotguns, landrovers and green wellies and an arrogance beyond words and the law.

Up-close and personal with a shotgun is to induce fear, silence guaranteed, quicker and more direct, also to evict you from your home,  makes “them” feel all powerful. The  untouchables in our society, the estate owners that just pay the fine, and we all carry on like before, as though nothing has happened. No direct consequences are felt, no  jobs lost, no firearms licence revoked, no consequences except perhaps the odd commitment to community service.

White-tailed eagle serbia 04

A poisoned Sea Eagle

Yeh right, the results are sickeningly familiar, intimidation, bullying, malicious gossip, ostracised, alone, upset, lost, ANGRY.

Exceptionally angry, especially when this is happening in a National Park, the very place supposed to be protected. Supposedly renowned worldwide for its outstanding beauty and wild places where wildlife should be safe, but actually this too is a sham, a shame for our Nation and government.

Gone are the undivided  hills and mountains, now sectioned off with 12 foot high deer fencing, gone is the confidence to wander the hills as shooting signs litter access points, to intimidate people from their gentle peaceful stroll; a sign placed there for public information of course.


Another shot Peregrine

So as I come to the exhausted end of my diatribe, my word vomit coming to the bile, what is my advice, what are my tactics now, well direct action. If you see it, take photos if you find it, destroy the snare,  if you pick it up, take it for testing, but most of all don’t choke on anger, noise up.

The  anonymity of blog sites, social media and web sites can really help you get in touch with some really good dedicated people. So even with a tiny voice you can still be heard.


A poisoned Golden Eagle

Written by Lady Alba of the Fare

4 comments to Persecution: My Righteous Indignation.

  • John Miles

    Sadly we are many that have had to put up with this SHIT [State / Hierarchy In Together].

  • Nachater Dhaliwal

    Maybe there are to many birds of prey.

    Editor’s Comment. How can you say that when you use the incorrect word ‘too’ many right?

  • paul williams

    Brilliant scientific analysis in you’re posting..Maybe!!!

  • Chris Williams

    I think there are too many Nachater Dhaliwals using this site…