Hen Harriers congregate in good numbers at Langholm

Hen Harrier

At last we may have some good news relating to Hen Harriers, not from England we are sorry to say. We have just learned from a reliable  source that today 7 Ringtails and 4 male Hen Harriers have been recorded at Langholm in the Scottish borders. Not only have numbers of Hen Harrier exceeded all expectations in the area, Short-eared owls recorded at Langholm this week have surprised many birdwatchers visiting this location.

Short-eared owl

We understand the reason for such high raptor numbers in this one moorland region may have resulted from the high incidence of voles this year. So far it appears no active Hen Harrier nests have been recorded, but lets just hope before long nesting will take place.

3 comments to Hen Harriers congregate in good numbers at Langholm

  • nirofo

    You shouldn’t have publicised it, now every trigger happy gamekeeper from miles around will be gunning for them. Hope the RSPB don’t get wind of it !!!

    Editor’s Comment. The gamekeers on Langholm all knew about the situation already, that’s why we had to make the public fully aware.

  • John Miles

    Apparently the locals are telling visitors to the area which could be even a visiting gamekeeper!

  • paul williams

    Like… the gamekeepers give a damn what the public think or know!!!