Hen Harrier Peaceful Protest Forest of Bowland, Lancashire 9th August 2015

 The N. W. of England’s Hen Harrier Peaceful Protest in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland 9th August


‘Please come along to support our concern for England’s missing Hen Harriers’

The North West Raptor Protection Group will be hosting our second demonstration from 10.30 am until 1.30 pm at Dunsop Bridge in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland. We will assemble on the village green in front of the river opposite Puddle Ducks cafe. There is a car park near the garage and toilets. 

While the Hen Harrier has featured prominently on the Forest of  Bowland AONB  Logo for many years,  following a systematic campaign of persecution on red grouse moorland the  Hen Harrier faces imminent extinction throughout northern England. Last year only two breeding pairs of Harriers were recorded, both in the Forest of Bowland. Sadly 2 of the 10 fledged chicks which had been fitted with satellite trackers disappeared just 3 miles from their natal nesting territories. Both chicks are now presumed to have been shot and their satellite tags destroyed.  

We urge you to make your voice count in support of Hen Harrier before its too late. Your support is needed to convey our message throughout and beyond our country. Lets try to do our best to return the Hen Harrier back onto England’s moorland uplands where they so rightly belong. The only way to accomplish this is to shame those responsible for the killing, but also to make sure what ever government is in power after the next general election will finally introduce decisive measures to stop the illegal killing of protected birds of prey once and for all.

LIKE TO JOIN US? Let us know. Can’t make it but want to protest with us (peaceably and legally of course)? Don’t worry, we’ve thought of that too…and all you need is a camera and a willingness to take a ‘selfie’!

Anyone wishing to take part in the Forest of Bowland protest on Sunday 9 August this year at Dunsop Bridge, please e-mail your name to:


Please can you re-tweet this very important message, the plight of Hen Harriers needs as much support and publicity as we can generate. We will of course publish details of other regional location as soon as possible. But in the meantime just remember, here in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland is the only English area where we can still see Hen Harriers breeding.









2 comments to Hen Harrier Peaceful Protest Forest of Bowland, Lancashire 9th August 2015

  • paul williams

    I would like to urge everyone who loves wildlife and nature to place your name on one of the lists. Please join one of the protest in August. Together our voices will make a difference by highlighting the persecution of the hen harrier, if we don’t bring the plight of the hen harrier to the notice of the public now, it may be too late for other birds of prey.

  • Excellent idea.

    My comment on Facebook was just because of the typo in 2014 – please delete a zero as we need to take action sooner rather than later!


    Brian Minshull