White-tailed eagles may only kill lambs in Scotland, or so the farmers there would have everyone believe.

WTE PerchedConsidering the hysteria being voiced by the National Union of Farmers Scotland (NUFS) relating to their claims White-tailed eagle are killing dozens of lambs, sheep and hoggs (sheep over one year old), we invite you to view the short video from Norway. The video appears to convey a completely different story of what may, or may not in reality be taking place in the Scottish highlands. When watching the video keep in mind there are estimated to be over 3000 pairs of WTE in Norway (there are only 80 pairs in Scotland), but no complaints about killing lambs, sheep or hoggs in Norway, or anywhere else as far as we know. The same situation exists in Poland where killing lambs, sheep or hoggs by WTE is unknown. The population of WTE in Poland is currently estimated to be in excess of 1100 pairs. Is the killing of so many lambs, sheep and hoggs in Scotland restricted to just one country where calls for financial assistance by the farming community is a way jumping on the band wagon, or a way of  life? What do you think?

The second White-tailed eagle video was captured entirely in Japan. It shows how the eagle has been able to take advantage of fish placed on the ice by scientists to feed the cranes in the winter. The footage highlights how one species is able to adapt in order to stay alive in harsh winter conditions without harming the crane.

The final video is a much longer documentary showing a family of eaglets in the site in eastern Europe. The footage shows how the White-tailed eagle interacts with many other species of wildlife.

European Roptors Biology and Conservation Interview with Alv Ottar Folkestad about the White-tailed Eagle in Norway.

In this interview Alv Ottar Folkestad talks about White-tailed Eagles and their current situation in Norway, what threats the eagles face or why the European Otter is import for the Sea Eagles.

Norway has by far the biggest population of White-tailed Eagles in Europe and that population is crucial for the future survival of Europe’s largest eagle.


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  • nirofo

    Sheep crofting, an emotive outdated way of life that could no longer exist without large public funding, an obvious case of over reliance on handouts from the nanny state. It seems strange that if anyone other than farmers have unviable jobs, then they are made redundant and have to sign on the dole. Any benefits they receive from the state are means tested, and they may be forced to leave their houses for smaller premises or lose their benefit entitlements. I wonder how many unviable farmers have been means tested and forced to leave their farms or lose their funding and subsidies.

    Personally I rather like the old crofting way of life, after all I’ve lived among it for more years than I care to remember, I also like to see the Eagles and other Raptors that frequent and attempt to breed in these areas as do many other people including large numbers of tourists. If these farmers want to continue to receive public funding and subsidies then they should be prepared to welcome any conditions that come with them, and that includes accepting the Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles and any other protected species that happens to venture onto the land.

  • mckenny

    Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.|

    Editor’s Comment. Yes you are correct, unfortunately the images were lost when the site was hacked some time ago, we have not so far replaced them because the story is so far back. Hope this explains the problem.