Retired Yorkshire gamekeeper found guilty of storing 5 banned poisoned sentenced to conditional discharge and £15 victim surcharge.

Poison is one of the most cruel forms of controlling wildlife, a method used by gamekeepers since Victorian times to rid estates of many forms of animals and birds considered as vermin. As such because of the illegal use of poison to kill Golden Eagles, Buzzards, Red Kites, Peregrines, White-tailed Eagles, together with a multitude […]

Snares are registered to responsible users claims gamekeepers – are they taking the Michael, or simply having a laugh?

Following the story last week of a fox that died after becoming caught in an illegal snare near Parton, The Scottish Gamekeepers Association have responded with criticism of the SSPCA who asked the public to report suspicious snares.

This is the Reality and Cruelty inflicted by Snaring


What do robins, badgers and buzzards have in common? They’re all on the Tories’ kill list

Raptor Politics touched on this particular subject last week. However a new article written by Patrick Barkham and published this week in the Guardian adds more spice to Tory objectives.

Buzzard with a broken leg, the result of being shot . […]

New petition launched calling for a total ban on all Driven Red Grouse shooting in England

We have just been informed by Dr Mark Avery that today, following a great deal of careful thought he has launched a new e-petition calling for a total ban of driven grouse shooting throughout England. Mark has given approval for the reasons why he feels such a ban is necessary to be published below, […]

Australia’s largest owl under threat due to loss of habitat-sign the petition.

he Powerful Owl is the largest owl in Australia. But due to loss of habitat, the biggest owl in Australia is dying out across the country. The Powerful Owl is listed as Vulnerable in Queensland, Threatened in Victoria, Endangered in South Australia and Vulnerable in New South Wales (NSW).


New Wind Turbine proposal within the Forest of Bowland AONB – New Threat to Wildlife

Thanks Bill for this disappointing news, yes of course we will post the details on line for everyone to read, we must oppose this additional threat to Bowland’s wildlife, particularly the hen harrier and short-eared owls that frequent this particular area.

Message: There is a new threat to the Forest Of Bowland AONB. An application […]

Scotland’s Golden Eagles facing threat from new drug responsible for the deaths of thousands of Vultures

The Golden Eagle could be one of a number of raptors in the UK are at risk from a veterinary treatment which has been responsible for the deaths of 99.9% Gyps Vulture in India.


Malta: Redefining Democracy – by Mark Mifsud Bonnici, President, St Huberts Hunters.

The following article published in the Times of Malta on Sunday, was written by the President of the St Huberts Hunters in relation to the ongoing wrangle between English conservationists and hunters on the island of Malta. It highlights a level of desperation on the part of the Maltese hunters in an attempt to play […]

First Scottish White-tailed eagle killed by wind turbine in February.

It has just been reveilled a White-tailed sea eagle, reintroduced into Scotland as part of a nature conservation programme, was found dead as long ago as February at Burnfoot Hill wind farm in the Ochil hills, near Tillicoultry in Clackmannanshire. A post-mortem examination by Government-approved scientists concluded a “likely cause of death” was collision with […]

White-tailed eagle chick hatched in Clare -Irish Republic

Following the story we published earlier today relating to the successful release of the adult male Polish Golden Eagle returned back into the wild this week, more good news from the Irish Republic, lets just hope this kind of progress will continue.