Malta – Massacre on Migration – Episode 4

You can help make a difference by supporting BirdLife Malta’s campaign to stop spring hunting via… Information about the project and a template letter to send to your MEP can be found at

10 White-tailed eagles poisoned in Serbia since February 2014 – Annihilation!

There is no save wildlife comeback in Europe until we manage to generate a wide public support for nature conservation. Here is another example of brutal wildlife poisoning in Serbia.

So far the corpses of 10 White-tailed eagles have been found poisoned in Serbia, 4 dead eagles found in February and an additional 6 dead […]

Scottish police search sporting estate following the disappearance of tagged White-tailed eagle

Police officers carried out a search of the North Glenbuchat Estate Scottish police officers have searched the North Glenbuchat Estate after first white-tailed sea eagle to be raised in the east of Scotland in almost 200 years disappeared off the radar. […]

Maltese Police officer now faces fine for insulting BirdLife volunteers


The police officer who earlier this week allegedly described BirdLife members as “faggots” is facing a maximum penalty of seven days’ wages if found guilty.

A Police spokesman that the officer now faces a maximum penalty of a week’s wages, and may also be reassigned to another department within the force.


Peregrine falcon found shot dead near Stirling

Reading about the unacceptable slaughter of migrating birds on the island of Malta, including many rare and endangered raptors has highlighted to people across the world, just why these birds need better protection, not just on Malta but in many other European countries and in the Middle East. Sadly today we are brought back […]

Committee Against Bird Slaughter locates 72 illegal electronic lures in Maltese countryside

A CABS photo showing the two hunters it claims shot three birds each near Buskett on Saturday.

Hunters have installed an estimated three-figure number of illegal electronic lures for quail and protected waders in the Maltese countryside, the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) said today.


Maltese Police officer calls BirdLife members ‘faggots,’ one volunteer arrested

A BirdLife Malta member of staff was arrested and cautioned by the Inspector of the Administrative Law Enforcement on Monday after recording the events following an incident where a recently dead Little Bittern, a protected species, was witnessed in the mouth of a hunters’ dog. The member of staff spent over two hours in […]

Should spring hunting on Malta be stopped?

As dawn breaks over the sea and ancient stone churches turn pink, the morning’s stillness is broken by volleys of gunfire. Tucked behind walls, sitting on armchairs in specially built turrets or else popping up from old stone sheds, Malta’s marksmen open fire as migrating birds flap desperately for cover.


When it comes […]

North Yorkshire’s Shame, one of England’s worst counties for bird of prey persecution.

Persecution by poison of Red Kites reintroduced onto the Harewood estate near Harrogate in North Yorkshire are reported a “national disgrace.” as it emerges 14 Red Kites had been killed with deadly poisons. North Yorkshire has been named one of England’s worst counties for persecution in England and Wales since 1991, with the RSPB reporting […]

Diclofenac the drug that has killed hundreds if not thousands of vultures has been approved for use in Spain.

Vulture populations in many regions of Africa and India have been decimated by the use of Dicopenac Spain approves use of drug beneficial to mammals – that will kill any vulture that feeds on a carcass containing traces of it. Despite their unappealing looks, vultures make a vital contribution to public health in southern […]