This cash for grouse scandal shows how Britain has become a plutocrats’ paradise

We  the tax payer subsidise the landed gentry and their shotguns. While the poor are plunged into brutal insecurity, the rich are untroubled. So now you might have to buy your own crutches, but you’ll get your shotgun subsidised by the state. A few days after it was revealed that an NHS group is considering charging patients for the crutches, walking sticks and neck braces it issues, we discovered that David Cameron has intervened to keep the cost of gun licences frozen at £50: a price that hasn’t changed since 2001.


This Tory government and their shooting supporters do not give a  monkeys toss  for the flora and fauna of England.

So back we go to the hazy days of Edwardian England: a society dominated by rentiers, in which the city centres are set aside for those with tremendous wealth and the countryside is reserved for their bloodsports. As the queues lengthen at the foodbanks, our money is used to subsidise grouse and shotguns. That is all you need to know about how and by whom we are governed.

Read more of what George Monibiot had to say in the Guardian yesterday.

Learn how this Conservative Government are using your hard earned money to subsidise the shooting interests of the rich and powerful in our country.  Because this issue is so important to the normal tax payer, you and your family, please take the time to tweet this message to as many people as you can. Ask yourself,  why the rich who can afford to pay more are being helped to pay less by David Cameron and his Eaton cronies. We would be far better off under a government managed by the three musketeers; all for one and one for all.

4 comments to This cash for grouse scandal shows how Britain has become a plutocrats’ paradise

  • John Miles

    A major point that George has not seen is that pheasants in a pen classed as domestic stock then released to the wild can not suddenly be wild. They are still tame and domestic so any one who swerves to miss a pheasant on the road can claim against the estate that released them. Classic signs include ‘slow pheasants on the road’! If the pheasant is wild why would you put up a sign like this. The estate is trying to protect domestic pheasants and like any farmer will tell you if your stock gets on the road you are liable for a fine. 3 million pheasants killed each year on the road. If each individual took the estate to court ‘no win no fee’ the courts would be chockablock and estates would soon stop pouring out 36 million pheasants each year.

  • Kimberley Richardson

    Inbred heartless scumbags. Not a care for animals or people.

  • Gary Broxholme

    Well said John and Kimberley i 100% agree with both of you.

  • paul williams

    Ross shire dead birds of prey reaches 22 BBC News.