Raptor Persecution: a National Disgrace says Cameron McNeish

Writing in the conservation magazine ‘WalkHighlands’ this week, Cameron McNeish pulls few punches about the persecution of raptors taking place in Scotland. He goes into some detail regarding what Alex Hogg , Chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association recently had to say about  the closure of parts of Scotland prohibiting public access to give animals, flora and fauna time to recover from overuse.  McNeish  points out there is certainly a strong lobby that would suggest Hogg and his colleagues might like to see access in Scotland restricted – to everyone other than them of course – so that dodgy management practices can continue away from the public eye.

eagle perched

According to the Scotsman newspaper “Gamekeepers do not have a great conservation track record, and some within their ranks are occasionally found responsible for poisoning, trapping and destroying the nests of birds of prey.” And McNeish tells his readers, the Scotsman didn’t limit their criticism to just gamekeepers but pointed an accusing finger at their bosses too…

“Landowners have some black sheep among their ranks as well. The concentrations of these kinds of wildlife crimes suggest that some landowners, anxious to preserve game bird populations, are complicit in this illegal slaughter.”

Read the full story here.

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