Malta:Suspicions as shot bird reports soar at end of season

A Marsh Harrier with wings damaged by lead shotgun pellets seen on April 17 . Photo: Birdlife Malta

Reports sent to the European Commission on the spring hunting derogation over the past three years consistently show a spike in hunters’ SMS reports in the last three days of the […]

Caerlaverock Ospreys web cam.

The nesting pair of Scottish Osprey at Caerlaverock Wetlands Centre laid their second egg yesterday. Ospreys have been nesting near the reserve since 2009 and successfully reared young on three consecutive years. The Caeraverock female’s three successful breeding years (2009-2011) were with a male we known as AW (the letters on his […]

Farmers in Strathspey are working with conservationists after young sea eagles moved onto their land.

Following the arrival of a pair of imature sea eagles in Abernethy, local farmers have met with RSPB Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage to express their concerns over the potential for the sea eagles to damage livestock – particularly as lambing season is getting under-way. […]