Loop-holes being used by many moorland keepers to deter raptors from settling on moorland in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland:More shocking images.

In 2006 the North West Raptor Protection Group highlighted a legal strategy being used by shooting estates in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland to deter raptors from returning to nest at traditional breeding territories, particularly at ground nesting sites. Gamekeepers from a number of estates are strategically placing grit feeder trays filled with medicated grit used […]

Malta: Protected birds shot out of the sky on first day of spring hunting.

A number of protected birds were shot down on Saturday 12/04/2014 as the spring hunting season opened. As of yesterday, hunters legally took to the countryside but, in the process, a number of illegalities were recorded by BirdLife Malta.

Speaking with this newspaper yesterday, BirdLife confirmed that its volunteers heard shots being fired whilst observing […]