America: State of Idaho has Federal approval to destroy 4000 Ravens

State of Idaho To Kill 4000 Ravens

State of Idaho To Kill 4000 Ravens

target: Butch Otter, Governor of Idaho, and Virgil Moore, director of Idaho Fish and Game

The number of signatures stand at 6,000 so far, help us get to 10,000 by May 1, 2014

The state of Idaho has received permission to kill up to 4000 ravens, a bird that is protected by federal law. The justification for this killing is that ravens prey on sage-grouse eggs, a bird which is finally being put onto the endangered list. Yet of the 19 reasons for the sage-grouse’s declining numbers, predation by other wild life comes in at #12. Why is the highly intelligent raven being singled out for destruction, especially before other causes are addressed? Ravens are among the most intelligent creatures on the planet. Please sign this petition and reach out in other ways to prevent this massive and unnecessary destruction. UPDATE: On April 4, there was news that the state plans to start placing poisoned eggs in three separate areas of the state sometime this spring. The ravens are hard to kill with guns, the article said, because they are so smart. There is still time to stop this if we try. Sign this petition but also post it on facebook, tweet it, etc., and if you have time, contact Idaho tourism, Fish and Game and the governor’s office.

State of Idaho To Kill 4000 Ravens – The Petition Site

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