Inverness protest over Ross-shire bird poisonings

People marched through the streets of Inverness to express anger at the deaths A public protest has been held in Inverness following the deaths of 19 birds of prey in Ross-shire.

Tests have confirmed 12 of the 19 birds were poisoned. Will this result in changes in Scotland’s legislation providing a better and secure […]

Pair of Hen Harriers confirmed resident in Derbyshire, updated info from today’s Times.

It has been reported that a pair of Hen Harriers have settled on moorland owned by the National Trust in Derbyshire where red grouse are shot. This is indeed great news but will the pair be allowed to breed successfully and rear their chicks at this location, or will they simply disappear?


America: State of Idaho has Federal approval to destroy 4000 Ravens

State of Idaho To Kill 4000 Ravens target: Butch Otter, Governor of Idaho, and Virgil Moore, director of Idaho Fish and Game

The number of signatures stand at 6,000 so far, help us get to 10,000 by May 1, 2014


Protest to be held in Inverness today over the poisoning of 10 raptors in Ross-shire

The poisoned raptors include tagged red kites A public protest is to be held later today in Inverness following the deaths of 19 assorted raptors poisoned in Ross-shire, Scotland. Toxicology results have bow confirmed 12 of the 19 birds were poisoned. […]