Forest of Bowland’s Eagle Owls:Update, including images from last years desertions!

Following requests from a number of our followers, we have added updated detail from the 2013 season requested.

Officially it is accepted the first occupied eagle owl territory in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland was found in 2006, although evidence suggests eagle owls were breeding in the Forest of Bowland successfully many years before this date. […]

England’s last golden eagle observed skydancing at Haweswater in the Lake District valley to attract a mate.

A resident of Haweswater since 2002, the male bird of prey has been flying solo since 2004 when its female partner died. But it has now been spotted ‘dancing’ in order to attract a new partner. Dave Shackleton, RSPB Warden at Haweswater, said: “We saw him a couple of days ago, it’s fantastic. “He was […]