Claims the Raven is causing serious damage to livestock on the Langholm moors refuted.

RavenCLAIMS that ravens are causing serious damage to livestock on the Langholm moors have been refuted by an agricultural consultant. Scottish Natural Heritage confirmed this week that a licence has been granted to cull ten ravens on the Eskdale hillside after damage was found to stock.

But consultant John Miles, who has a history of wildlife management, says this is not the case and it is in fact because the large black birds prey on grouse eggs and chicks.

He said: “This is a big problem as Scottish Natural Heritage feel the only way forward is to reduce the ravens.

“The locals are unhappy as they are being told it’s to do with agriculture but this is a ridiculous claim. This is not a winner, it’s a complete loser and the whole system is wrong.”

And Mr Miles has also raised questions about the effectiveness of the Langholm Moor Demonstration Project, which was founded in 2008 to restore grouse moor management.

He added: “The whole idea of the scheme was to show how birds of prey could live on a red grouse moor without damaging the economics of it. By removing the ravens is just another step down the wrong road.


Langholm Moor from the road

“The showcase that Langholm was supposed to be is becoming the joke most people thought it would be.

“The people of Langholm should be the people that benefit but so far they have failed to get anything from it.”

Confirming that ravens, which are the largest member of the crow family, will be removed from the moors, a Scottish Natural Heritage spokesman said: “We issued a licence in 2012 to kill ten ravens to prevent serious damage to livestock on farms at Langholm.

“The applicant provided evidence that clearly showed raven damage to stock on the farms in question.

“Control will be targeted in areas where damage to livestock occurs or is likely to occur.

“The 2012 licence was not used at that time as it would have influenced the results of the raven recording that was taking place that year, but a new licence was granted on the same basis in 2013.”


Lisa Herbert


2 comments to Claims the Raven is causing serious damage to livestock on the Langholm moors refuted.

  • John Miles

    No mention of the Golden Eagles that the estate removed and should have been put back.This could have brought real money into Langholm!! No mention that the Ravens were taking white rats off the bird table and that is the real reason they wanted rid of them! What is wrong with these reporters? Do they not want to rock the boat? The article is a waste of time.

  • Kevin moore

    The ravens appeare to have disappeared from the the Forest of Bowland too this year,no license issued or needed there though,the gamekeepers just do it without.