Ross-shire Raptor mass poisoning now rises to 13 birds found so far. All had been POISONED

UPDATE 13oohrs: Police  in Scotland have now confirmed these birds had all been poisoned.


Poisoned Buzzard

According to the RSPB Scotland’s Director the unprecedented mass poisoning of raptors being investigated  by the police in the Conon Bridge and Muir of Ord area has now increased to 13 dead birds. 9 of the birds discovered so far were red kites.

All the corpses recovered so far were found on farmland on or adjacent to where sheep were grazing, the property is owned by one individual.

If this single incident does not encourage the Scottish parliament to implement improved legal protection for all raptors in Scotland, then we don’t know what will, especially following the warning issued recently by Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Minister for Environment and Climate Change he gave to Douglas McAdam, Scottish Land & Estates on 28 February. Read the letter here 

Red kite

Poisoned Red Kite

We would encourage all our followers to e-mail Mr Wheelhouse at the attached address urging him to put his money where his mouth is…do something to stop this criminal activity NOW.  E:

Map showing locations of KNOWN poisoning incidents in Scotland

BBC article: Number of raptor poisoning incidents double in Scotland

4 comments to Ross-shire Raptor mass poisoning now rises to 13 birds found so far. All had been POISONED

  • nirofo

    All these birds appear to have been found quite close to the RSPB Tullie Red Kite feeding centre near Conon Bridge the Muir of Ord and Dingwall.

    see here.

    With the breeding season just starting is this just a coincidence or are there other ulterior motives behind this.

  • nirofo

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find that the majority of the poisoned Red Kites are wing tagged, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve actually photographed some of the birds at the feeding station at Tullie quite recently !!!

    What a totally disgusting thing to happen to such beautiful birds, it’s way beyond the time for the RSPB to remove the kid gloves and give some pay back to these arseoles, it will be most enlightening to see how they react to this unprecedented slaughter of so-called protected birds of prey.

    If Paul Wheelhouse MSP doesn’t act now then he’ll have proved once and for all he’s not fit for purpose and should resign.

  • Malcolm Fairley

    Having just received a reply from the ( British ) Government responding to the petition calling for licencing of ( English ) grouse moors , Paul Wheelhouse seems to be somewhat more proactive than his English counterparts . They are basically saying that ” sod off you plebs , our mates can kill as many raptors as they like and we won’t do anything about it ”
    Certainly time for the RSPB to step up .

    Editor’s Comment. Malcolm, not much chance of the RSPB stepping up when they have sat back and allowed the Forest of Bowland to become a raptor free zone under their watch. No hen harriers, eagle owl nests all found either robbed or abandoned last year, and now 15 peregrine eyries all abandoned. So far all the RSPB have done is place blame on the weather or lack of food. These are all excuses, because numbers of grouse, pheasant, partridge and duck are at an all time high throughout Bowland. The weather in the Forest of Bowland is just the same just a few miles away off the moorland where peregrines are thriving without protection from the RSPB.

    Gamekeepers in the area are now being allowed to set their traps as well as placing grit feeder traps for game-birds adjacent to these abandoned peregrine territories ensuring these installations can be physically checked weekly to make sure raptors are not allowed to return to breed.Nothing said about this! There has also been no mention so far of the 30 missing adult peregrines from the 15 nests which are no longer is use. Peregrines like most raptors do NOT forsake their territories unless forced to do so, and certainly the weather and food are not an issue. The Bowland is now like a desert except for the hundreds and thousands of game birds roaming up onto the high fells. Talk about excuses, this is genocide.

  • nirofo

    It would seem that RSPB Scotland is offering a £5,000 reward for any information regarding this latest poisoning atrocity that will lead to the arrest and successful conviction of the culprit/culprits responsible for this heinous crime.

    I wish them every success.

    Editor’s Comment. Its a sad day that the RSPB can’t make the same fuss about the collapse of raptor populations in the Forest of Bowland where their wardens are being paid to protect these birds? But then they will not do so because the birds in this region are being lost from red grouse moors protected by influential vested interests.