DEFRA’s response to e-petition calling for grouse moors and gamekeepers to be Licensed


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Licencing of upland grouse moors and gamekeepers.

Responsible department: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Given the continuing levels of illegal persecution of birds of prey the Government is called upon to introduce a system of operating licences for upland grouse shoots.Following any […]

Police in northern Scotland are investigating the discovery of 7 dead birds of prey.

Can someone please tell the British public what the hell is going on. Red kites are among the dead birds found at various locations in Ross-shire

Police have launched an investigation following the discovery of seven dead birds of prey. The the corpses of red kites and buzzards were found in the Conon Bridge and […]

Malta: Released video shows migrating white storks shot out of the sky.

The flock of White Storks which was decimated by Maltese hunters. Picture by Mark Sultana A flock of white storks was decimated by hunters yesterday, with up to three white stork reported shot. The shooting has taken place in the closed season and only days after the Muscat administration announced that it would […]