Authorities appeal for information over poisoning in Ross-shire

Responding to today’s announcement by Police Scotland confirming that at least some of the 13 birds of prey discovered recently in the Ross-shire area have been poisoned, Duncan Orr-Ewing, Head of Species and Land Management for RSPB Scotland said:


The Eagles Way- a new book review

The Eagles Way

By Jim Crumley

Published by Saraband Price £12.99 ISBN 9781908643476 Soft back 216 pages

This is the 26th book by Jim Crumley but the only one just on eagles. The theme of the book is the new and exciting combination of both Golden Eagle and White tailed Eagle especially as they have […]

Ross-shire Raptor mass poisoning now rises to 13 birds found so far. All had been POISONED

UPDATE 13oohrs: Police in Scotland have now confirmed these birds had all been poisoned.

Poisoned Buzzard

According to the RSPB Scotland’s Director the unprecedented mass poisoning of raptors being investigated by the police in the Conon Bridge and Muir of Ord area has now increased to 13 dead birds. 9 […]

Raptor death toll in Ross-shire increases from 7 to 11 dead birds and there may be more to come.

The incident concerning the deaths of five red kites and two buzzard we highlighted just two days ago has now taken a turn for the worst after the discovery of an additional four dead raptors in the same area of northern Scotland. It appears from a report issued by the BBC it is likely more […]

The Great English Hen Harrier Conspiracy.

Scientific research constantly reminds people of the fact their is sufficient suitable heather habitat in England to support between 220 -320 pairs of Hen Harriers. Yet, the bulk of England’s citizens are unaware that in 2012 only a single successful Hen Harrier nest was recorded throughout the whole of our country. Why are Hen Harriers […]

DEFRA’s response to e-petition calling for grouse moors and gamekeepers to be Licensed


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This e-petition is now closed

Licencing of upland grouse moors and gamekeepers.

Responsible department: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Given the continuing levels of illegal persecution of birds of prey the Government is called upon to introduce a system of operating licences for upland grouse shoots.Following any […]

Police in northern Scotland are investigating the discovery of 7 dead birds of prey.

Can someone please tell the British public what the hell is going on. Red kites are among the dead birds found at various locations in Ross-shire

Police have launched an investigation following the discovery of seven dead birds of prey. The the corpses of red kites and buzzards were found in the Conon Bridge and […]

Malta: Released video shows migrating white storks shot out of the sky.

The flock of White Storks which was decimated by Maltese hunters. Picture by Mark Sultana A flock of white storks was decimated by hunters yesterday, with up to three white stork reported shot. The shooting has taken place in the closed season and only days after the Muscat administration announced that it would […]

Stop the ‘barbaric slaughter’ of British songbirds: Prince Charles demands in private letter to head of Army base in Cyprus

Prince Charles has written to the most senior Army commander in Cyprus condemning the ‘industrial scale killing’ of migrating songbirds The creatures often suffer for hours after being illegal snared in nets ‘Serious organised criminals’ are at the heart the issue says the Prince In Cyprus the birds are considered a delicacy selling for […]

Malta: The Committee Against Bird Slaughter & BirdLife report widespread illegal trapping.

The illegal trapping and killing goes on despite European legislation to prevent such atrocities taking place on the island of Malta. Poor law enforcement is allowing many bird trappers to pursue their illegal hobby with impunity, CABS (the Committee Against Bird Slaughter) and BirdLife Malta said today.