Gamekeepers caught on Camera trapping and killing protected raptors.

Dominic Littlewood, of BBC’S  ‘Rouge Traders’ promotes RSPB efforts to catch gamekeepers attempting to illegally trap and kill protected birds of prey. The film attached below can be viewed on IPlayer for the next 8 days only.   The first section of the film begins at 8.35 minutes  and shows a Derbyshire gamekeeper using a white pigeon to trap goshawks. The second sequence begins at 23.40 minutes and shows the capture, trapping and bludgeoning of up to ten buzzards on a shooting estate in Cumbria.

Watch the two sequences here.

4 comments to Gamekeepers caught on Camera trapping and killing protected raptors.

  • John Miles

    When the RSPB want the members of the public to give information against crimes to birds it is best if they give credit to the ones finding the crime, as too often the cases against these criminals would not have been detected without the public’s help.

  • skydancer

    The RSPB needs to re-evaluate their view that only “a few rogue gamekeepers” are responsible for the persecution of raptors. This simply is not accurate as it is obvious to everyone that this is not the case. Persecution is far too widespread, for example you only have to look at our upland moorlands where red grouse are shot, no nesting harriers and few if any peregrines or goshawks. So my advice to the RSPB is- get real and begin to tell the truth or lose all creditability.

  • paul williams

    When the RSPB state that the persecution of protected raptors is undertaken by a few rouge gamekeepers,I take it they mean on each and every shooting estate!

  • Pragmatist

    A former gamekeeper recently said to me regarding raptor persecution, “Gamekeepers? They’re all at it.”

    ‘Omerta’ tends to go out the window when they’ve had a few…