The Moorland Association appoints Amanda Anderson as first ever Director.

The Moorland Association (MA), an acclaimed national organisation protecting over 850,000 acres of globally recognised heather moorland, has appointed its first ever Director. The MA has brought a woman to the helm for the first time in its 29-year history, to replace its founding secretary.


Save Britain’s Barn Owls Petition reaches 107,000 signatures and still climbing.

Most people will of course be very excited and pleased this important petition has been supported by over 100,000 signatories, and is likely to reach 120,000. However, it begs the question why two other important petitions each calling for better protection for birds of prey on moorlands where red grouse are shot for sport, obtained […]

Red Kite shot in Yorkshire-detail sketchy

Once again another red kite has been reported shot in Yorkshire 4 months after the event, what good is that we would ask. It seems the kite had been shot by someone using a high powered rifle. Unfortunately, although the incident has been reported by Look North Yorkshire, information remains very sketchy.