Raptor Politics praised by new web site.

A recently launched web site, Birders against wildlife crime have given a ‘thumbs up’ to the Raptor Politics web site as an inspiration to their new beginning. Charlie Moores said ‘Thanks very much for getting in touch – I’d be delighted to add a link (and once we get the BAWC website up and running we’ll link from there too).
Mr Moores added, “it’s campaigners and activists like yourself that has helped inspire the BAWC initiative of course – hopefully as we get established we can work together as allies in the same fight!.”
On behalf of all our followers Raptor Politics offer the new web site ‘all the best’ in a very difficult time for all wildlife in this country, especially our Birds of Prey.
Only this morning we received disappointing news that the supermarket ‘Waitrose’ were giving money to support Songbird Survival (nicknamed the SS) who are are know to foster anti bird of prey sentiments, many will be surprised that even the Queen, the Patron of the RSPB, also supports this shooting led organisation

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