A photographic encounter with a fishing osprey

We are most grateful to Marius Cepulis, a Lithuanian wildlife photographer who kindly agreed to share with us a small selection of his award winning Osprey images. I hope everyone will agree Marius’s images are truly stunning. We hope that in the future Marius will share more of his adventures illustrated by his remarkable images of raptors taken in Eastern Europe.


One day I was taking photos in the fish ponds. Usually I’m photographing birds from 4 a.m. till 12 a.m. and then again from 4 p.m. till 9 p.m. And so I was resting in my car after spending 8 hours in the hide, when I noticed an osprey hunting. I took a chance and hid in the reeds hoping that the bird will hunt nearby.


I have spent almost 3 hours in the water with no result. Birds were hunting and catching carps, but they were too far away from me. Disappointed I went back to my car. Suddenly I heard voices of 2 ospreys and saw them flying nearby. I ran back into the reeds and in the same moment one of the ospreys caught a small carp just in front of me. I was hoping that another one will also hunt there and I was lucky. I noticed that the osprey located the fish and hovered in the air. The bird was not paying any attention to me.


At the same moment the bird plunged into the water, I came out of the reeds to the open water to take a better position, kneeled, focused, and then just started pressing the shutter button. The bird caught quite a big carp and had to put in a lot of effort to take it out of the pond. I got lucky, because the sun in the middle of the day was covered by some light clouds and the carp was really heavy, so I had enough time to make almost 20 shots. One of my photos won the National wild photography contest in Lithuania.


Marius Cepulis, Lithuania

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