Gamekeeper convicted for setting pole trap to catch squirrels, not birds of prey!

A North Yorkshire gamekeeper has pleaded guilty to setting an illegal pole-trap, contrary to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, following evidence obtained by the League Against Cruel Sports and RSPB. Yet again our courts have handed down what can only be described as a paltry sentence sending out entirely the wrong message to other […]

Shot buzzard could have suffered for days before it was found, say police and RSPB

At least ten lead pellets can be seen embedded in the buzzard, both wings had been smashed

Norfolk Constabulary and RSPB officers are appealing for information after a buzzard was shot in Dereham. X-ray image shows the bird’s body peppered with shotgun pellets.


Prince William’s hunting hypocrisy?

Princes Charles together with William, the Duke of Cambridge, have helped to launch a campaign to halt the rise in the illegal trade in endangered wild animals in Africa. But are the two royals being hypocrites? Why for example are they both choosing to ignore the serious plight of endangered raptors like the hen […]