White-tailed eagle prejudice is very much alive and well in Scotland.


Victorian Attitudes have no place in a modern and enlightened Scotland

If anyone  needs a reminder of the level prejudice which still exists in the Highlands of Scotland towards iconic raptors like the Sea Eagle, we would encourage you to read the letter published recently in the Scottish Farmer. With such outdated and ignorant Victorian attitudes, can protected eagles ever look forward to a bright and safe  future in Scotland?

Reading Mr Ross’s letter one would think he was writing in the 19th, not the 21st Century.

What ever anyone thinks about Mr Ross’s views such sentiments are totally out of place  in a modern and one would hope enlightened society.

SIR, – Listening to and reading about the Winter Watch tv programme regarding sea eagles, I found most of it incredible and so ‘too bad’ as far as the loss of lambs was concerned – they didn’t even mention hoggs or ewes.

Then, for Mr Warnock of NFUS to say: “Sea eagles are here to stay”. Surely it’s time for him to vacate his perch – and if that is the view of the NFUS, what a precarious position hill sheep farmers and crofters are in.

Nothing short of complete eradication will do, and it is the same for the pine martin – both should be absolutely destroyed. The National Sheep Association, the Crofting Commission and Crofting Federation should be backing this to the hilt.

Will Mr Lochhead or Mr Wheelhouse do anything about the sea eagle? No, they didn’t even prick their ears until a danger to our native eagle was mentioned and, for Mr Lochhead to say they are a tremendous tourist attraction is rubbish. If, like me, he had spoken to tourists from all over the world over the last 20 years at ‘Working Sheepdogs’ here, he would know they don’t come for one attraction but to see as much as they possibly can. The oblivion of the sea eagle wouldn’t matter and, indeed, would be an absolute blessing for the countryside and its animals.

DW Ross,

Leault, Kincraig


What most people forget or do not understand, there would be no crofters or many farmers if it was not for payments they each receive from the public purse. The single payment is paid to all farmers and crofters on the area of land that they farm. On top of this are stewardship payments which are supposed to be paid only if the farm and croft is doing something of benefit for wildlife. If this money was called social security the average a year can be well over £20,000 for nothing.

In this case the crofters want paying  so they can kill eagles and pine martens which add more money to local economies then they do! They don’t even produce the food local communities need to keep them self sufficient. In fact it would be cheaper to buy the food from abroad. The crofters and farmers think they have a god given right to be paid just to stay on the land. If only the public realised they have the right to change these payments!

4 comments to White-tailed eagle prejudice is very much alive and well in Scotland.

  • Circus maxima

    If crofters don’t want to do what you and I are paying them to do….then they cant expect the public hand outs.

  • skydancer

    What an absolute idiot Mr Ross is,surely this backward thinking is not the view of the majority of crofters in Scotland,or is it ?

  • Terry Pickford, North West Raptor Protection Group

    No Mr Ross, it is you who are talking rubbish. You conveniently seem to have over-looked the millions of pounds generated each year by the Sea Eagle to Scotland’s rural economy since they were brought back from extinction. May I also point out this important financial bonanza has been a life line to regions like the Island Of Mull and the majority of the people who live there. Sadly you are the kind of person that is so out of date with reality, your views really do belong with your fore fathers, back in the nineteenth century.

  • A local

    Unfortunately , if you care to read local newspapers, such 19th century attitudes exist over a wide variety of topics here….I’m worried that if they vote independence, this part of Scotland will become another north korea.
    …and they still wear the 19th century attire to funerals. All backward thinking is encouraged here.