Gamekeepers caught on Camera trapping and killing protected raptors.

Dominic Littlewood, of BBC’S ‘Rouge Traders’ promotes RSPB efforts to catch gamekeepers attempting to illegally trap and kill protected birds of prey. The film attached below can be viewed on IPlayer for the next 8 days only. The first section of the film begins at 8.35 minutes and shows a Derbyshire gamekeeper using a white […]

Scottish Raptor Monitoring Coordinator- Job Vacancy

Organisation: British Trust for Ornithology Salary: £21,452 – £23,835 pa + pension Reference: EJ/14-7 Location: Stirling Hours: Full Time Position type: Paid Contract: Fixed Term Contract Closing date: Tue 18 March 14 Website: Contact name: Rebecca Cranston Contact telephone: 01786 466560 Contact email:


POST […]

Countryside dinosaurs are not yet dead in Scotland by Cameron McNeish

WE don’t have many good environmental columnists in Scotland but I would suggest Rob Edwards of The Sunday Herald is probably the best claims Cameron McNeish.

Sea eagle off the coast of Skye


‘Recognise, record, report’ — new group aims to bring more wildlife criminals before the courts

Mr Stewart Mr Stewart is backing the scheme that asks birdwatchers to watch for and report wildlife crime, such as raptor persecution or egg stealing. A former Tayside wildlife crime officer is backing an initiative that aims to bring more wildlife criminals before the courts. Alan Stewart, who is now working as an intelligence […]

Overwhelming public support for wild land map of Scotland

The John Muir Trust recently hailed the result of a Scottish Natural Heritage public consultation on its core wild land map as a resounding endorsement of the proposal to step up wild land protection.According to the Trust’s analysis of the 410 responses received:•


80 per cent back the wild land map 14 per […]

Killing native birds mars landscape claims Duncan Orr-Ewing

Scotland needs to develop a sustainable future in the way our wildlife and landscapes are managed, says Duncan Orr-Ewing head of Species and Land Management at RSPB Scotland.


Trends in territory occupancy, distribution and density of Bearded Vultures in southern Africa.

Trends in territory occupancy, distribution and density of the Bearded Vulture Gypaetus barbatus meridionalis in southern Africa, SONJA C. KRÜGER , DAVID G. ALLAN , ANDREW R. JENKINS and ARJUN AMA Summary

Territory occupancy, distribution and density of the isolated Bearded Vulture Gypaetus barbatus meridionalis population in the Maloti-Drakensberg mountains of southern Africa were […]

Greatest North American snowy-owl migration in 50 years

For the lowly Arctic lemming, life is cruel. In a flash before death, often the last things a lemming sees are the deadly talons of a majestic snowy owl. A mass sacrifice of this rodent with stubby legs probably gave rise to what scientists are calling the largest snowy-owl irruption in at least half a […]

Buzzard found shot near Easingwold in North Yorkshire. No proven link between raptors illegally killed and the shooting industry!

Hot on the heals of a red kite reported shot last October in Yorkshire (read the story here), the North Yorkshire Constabulary are now reporting the discovery of a second bird of prey, a buzzard, also found shot in the county earlier this month.


RSPB conservation chief to make landmark speech to gamekeepers

The conservation chief at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Martin Harper is to make the keynote address to the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation Annual General Meeting this spring. Martin Harper, the RSPB’s Conservation Director will give gamekeepers a unique opportunity to hear at first-hand how the RSPB views their profession when he takes […]