White Tailed Sea Eagles, Poland….

Last December I went to Poland to photograph White Tailed Sea Eagles from a special hide overlooking a feeding station this site was attracting large numbers of eagles during the Winter months. There are already a lot of established sites across Europe for photographing these raptors and everybody has their own personal preference on […]

Scottish Raptor Conservation group call for grouse shooting to be licenced.

Scottish sporting estate owners and their gamekeepers said the introduction of a licensing system would be “draconian.” Scottish Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse is being urged to introduce licences for grouse shooting. The Scottish Raptor Study Group said the measures were necessary because of the continued persecution of birds of prey on Scotland’s grouse moors. But […]

Can Golden Eagles in Scotland survive persecution, wind farm proliferation and habitat loss?

For thousands of years Golden Eagles have survived against all the odds throughout the Islands and Highlands of Scotland, finding safe refuge in the most rugged and beautiful landscapes Scotland has to offer. Within the isolated glens of Glen Coe’s peaceful Blackmount Forest as many as eight pairs of Golden Eagles once nested there […]

Raptor Poisoning: Scotland’s Continuing Shame

During the early 1970’s when I worked in the Scottish Highlands for a great raptor conservationist Douglas Weir, I spend many enjoyable weeks each summer tracking through the Inverness glens looking for nesting golden eagles and peregrines. The data I recorded of occupied sites found was then passed back to Doug Weir; in turn Doug […]

Scottish Natural Heritage: Action to conserve raptors across Eurasia and Africa

A conference opens this week in Edinburgh to increase international action to conserve raptors across Africa and Eurasia. At least 32 of the 60 species of migratory raptors assessed in Africa and Eurasia have an unfavourable conservation status, and many of these are showing long-term population declines due to habitat loss, unlawful killing and land-use […]

Four White-tailed eagles found poisoned inside the Czech Republic in the last two years.

A dead sea eagle, which is an endangered and protected species in the Czech Republic, was found on 13 January in the village monastery at Nepomuk in the Pilsen area close to the German border. Having examined the body local ornithologists suspect the eagle may have been poisoned. According to them, the bird […]

Argyll eagle action – Scotland’s soaring reputation could be shot at?

I used to dream of seeing the bird that has the sunlit eye You will never forget the first time you see one fly The sight of a soaring eagle over a Scottish landscape is one to admire An iconic symbol of courage and strength that has the power to inspire Ewan Miles […]

Scottish Osprey found dead in the grounds of convent in Seville.

It always very sad to report the death of any bird of prey, but when you consider the pitfalls faced by all migrating raptors as they head south for the winter both in our own country and after crossing the channel into Europe, life expectancy for many can be very short. We have just learned […]

Californian Condor appears to be out of danger: Watch this inspiring video.


West Nile Virus blamed for death of dozens of Bald Eagles In Utah, USA

It has now been officially confirmed by state wildlife officials in Utah that a wintertime outbreak of West Nile virus has has been responsible for the deaths of more than two dozen bald eagles in Utah and thousands of water birds around the Great Salt Lake. […]