Stellers Sea Eagle on the loose in Yorkshire

A huge eagle hunt is underway in north Yorkshire following the escape from a falconry centre of a Steller’s Sea eagle, the largest sea eagle in the world. Police in Yorkshire have asked the public to be on their guard and under no circumstances should anyone approach the bird.  On average a female Steller’s sea eagle can weight up to 9 kilograms,  with a wingspan of between 1.95 to 2.5 m (6.4 to 8.2 ft).


The Steller’s sea eagle named Nikita, certainly has the power and strength to carry off and kill small dogs and cats, but mainly their diet is fish and carrion. Despite the size of this huge raptor it is our opinion the bird posses no threat to adults of children.

Nikita went missing when it took to the air for an exercise session in blustery conditions. The eagle’s trainer  believes the eagle may have been blown off course.


The Steller’s sea eagle predates mainly fish or carrion

Last night North Yorks police said on Twitter the predator is “not dangerous to people but don’t try picking it up”, adding: “please take care when letting small animals out into the garden.” Despite what the police have warned it is very doubtful anyone willing to try and pick Nikita up would have any chance of success.

The 10-year-old eagle has not been spotted since it took flight on Saturday morning above her home in Brackenbottom, North Yorks.

Nikita’s trainer Chris O’Donnell said: “She’s massive – like a small glider.”

He added: “It was incredibly windy. She went a bit further than normal and possibly became disorientated because of the lay of the land. They are like pigeons – they have a homing instinct – but this time Nikita didn’t come back.”

The majestic predators, which are native to east Russia, are able to kill  small animals or fish, they have also been known to eat dead seal pups.

Chris O’Donnell, of Hawk Experience Ltd, said the eagle, which has often entertained the crowds at Warwick Castle, posed no danger to people or animals.

He added: “She has not learnt how to hunt by chasing things around the countryside.”

3 comments to Stellers Sea Eagle on the loose in Yorkshire

  • Caroline Longley

    Has this bird been found yet?
    Editor’s comment, sorry but we have not received any update, however if the eagle makes its way into the Forrest of Bowand it is unlikely to make its way out again.

  • Angela Robinson

    Is this bird still free? about 3 hours ago I saw a massive bird with white marks under it’s wings flying over Bullerthorpe lane heading towards Temple Newsam Leeds.

    Editors Comment. Hi Angela, not as far as we know, that is unless its escaped for a second time. Incidentally, it it was a Stellar Sea Eagle you have seen it would be impossible to mistake it because of its huge size.

  • Ron Renton

    I may have seen this bird (if it is still free)
    Sunday 23rd March I saw a massive bird flying over Castleford (Yorkshire) around Junction 32 of M62 flying east to west.

    Editor’s Comment. Hi Ron thanks for the contact. We are pleased to tell you the Stellar’s Sea eagle was found six day after escaping. It had flown 65 miles from Skipton and was found at Poulton-le-Fylde near Blackpool. We don’t know what you saw, but it could have been a buzzard???