In a recent poll, 92% of people were against any form of White-tailed eagle cull.

One of Britain’s leading wildlife experts has rejected calls for the number of white-tailed eagles in Scotland to be controlled. Prof Des Thompson, principal adviser on Biodiversity at Scottish Natural Heritage, has stated there is no reason why the white-tailed eagle population should not reach “several hundred breeding pairs”.

Stellers Sea Eagle on the loose in Yorkshire

A huge eagle hunt is underway in north Yorkshire following the escape from a falconry centre of a Steller’s Sea eagle, the largest sea eagle in the world. Police in Yorkshire have asked the public to be on their guard and under no circumstances should anyone approach the bird. On average a female Steller’s sea […]

Wildlife cameraman supports call for golden eagle to become Scotland’s national bird.

Wildlife cameraman and natural history presenter Gordon Buchanan will appear at the Holyrood Petitions Committee tomorrow (Tuesday Jan 28) to ask Scottish Parliament to support a RSPB campaign to formally adopt the golden eagle as Scotland’s national bird. […]