An Aberdeen man reported for hen harrier death in Aberdeenshire

Hen-Harrier-at-nestAn unknown 58 year old man has been reported to the procurator fiscal in relation to wildlife crime after the death of a hen harrier found in the Huntley area in Aberdeenshire last June. The individual is now expected to appear at Aberndeen Sheriff Court at a later date. We are disappointed but not too surprised that the police in Scotland tasked with handling and investigating this alleged crime have released few details, nor the cause of the hen harrier’s demise.

We suspect poisoning may have been an important factor as to why it took the police 7 months to issue any detail at all. We accept toxicology results can and often do take weeks to complete, however we often wonder why, particularly in Scotland,  the police regularly fail to publish any facts telling the public that protected birds such as hen harriers, white-tailed eagle or golden eagle, had been found dead in very suspicious circumstances. Then after several months the police ask the public for their assistance to help track down those responsible, by which time it’s far too late to achieve anything.









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  • Mex

    I know little of the statistics. When we talk about the miscreants as Scottish, are there any figures as to how many of the major Scottish estate-owners are English? and is it common practice to ‘import’ English gamekeepers?