UK investigation leads to conviction of three Swedish egg collectors


An enquiry, which started in the UK in 2009 involving the collecting and trading of wild birds’ eggs, has led to the conviction of three Swedish egg collectors today [Friday 31 January 2014] after a 23-day trial in the province of Ångermanland, in central Sweden. One of the men was jailed for a […]

Conservation status of birds of prey and owls in Norway : 2014 Report

Anyone interested in birds of prey, including owls, will want to read this Norwegian report published in English and written by Oddvar Heggøy & Ingar Jostein Øien. The report is up to date with enough data contained within the 129 pages to keep you reading for a few days. If you are thinking of going […]

Additional highland habitat acquired to improve Andean Condor protected in Ecuador

Andean Condor. Photo by Francisco Sornoza.

Conservationists have acquired a 2,800-ha (7,000-acre) property that completes the acquisition of some 108,000 ha of key Andean Condor habitat in Ecuador.


Steller’s Sea Eagle found 60 miles away in Lancashire

The giant Steller’s Sea Eagle which was lost in the Yorkshire Dales six days ago has been found safe and well.


Nostalgic look back in time at Scotland’s first pioneering golden eagle photographer.

Between the years 1906 and 1910, pioneering Harry Macphearson laboured long and hard amongst the Scottish Grampian highlands to create the first photographic record of breeding Golden Eagles in Scotland. Now Terry Pickford recounts the exploits of this unsung Highland warrior from a past era.


Imperial Eagle winter feeding web-cam In Hungary

Educating the public and dispelling misbeliefs of this great bird of prey are among the main goals of BirdLife Hungary’s “Conservation of imperial eagles by managing human-eagle conflicts in Hungary” LIFE+ programme. This live stream is not only for entertaining purposes for the public but also provides invaluable information for biologists and conservation professionals in […]

Malta: Armed hunter arrested in bird sanctuary

A Snipe, camouflaged against the water and reeds on the edge of the lake at Simar. Photo by Aron Tanti

Police from the Administrative Law Enforcement Unit late yesterday arrested an armed hunter inside Is-Simar Nature Reserve, in Xemxija, Birdlife said.


In a recent poll, 92% of people were against any form of White-tailed eagle cull.

One of Britain’s leading wildlife experts has rejected calls for the number of white-tailed eagles in Scotland to be controlled. Prof Des Thompson, principal adviser on Biodiversity at Scottish Natural Heritage, has stated there is no reason why the white-tailed eagle population should not reach “several hundred breeding pairs”.

Stellers Sea Eagle on the loose in Yorkshire

A huge eagle hunt is underway in north Yorkshire following the escape from a falconry centre of a Steller’s Sea eagle, the largest sea eagle in the world. Police in Yorkshire have asked the public to be on their guard and under no circumstances should anyone approach the bird. On average a female Steller’s sea […]

Wildlife cameraman supports call for golden eagle to become Scotland’s national bird.

Wildlife cameraman and natural history presenter Gordon Buchanan will appear at the Holyrood Petitions Committee tomorrow (Tuesday Jan 28) to ask Scottish Parliament to support a RSPB campaign to formally adopt the golden eagle as Scotland’s national bird. […]