UK Military bases in Cyprus-being used to illegally trap migrating birds .


  This footage, captured by BirdLife Cyprus in Dhekelia, reveals a labyrinth of nets and the speakers playing recordings of birdsong, which the trappers use to attract birds.


The latest poisoned golden eagle scandal – some thoughts by Wildlife Detective


A poisoned venison bait on a boundary fence

A poisoned hare bait beside an electrified double fence on a boundary

The poisoning of a satellite-tagged golden eagle in the Angus Glens is yet another disgraceful and disgusting crime against our wildlife committed in that area of Scotland. […]

Unimaginable slaughter of migrating birds in Lebanon.

We thought wildlife crime was bad in the Britain, well look at the images below to learn just how bad crimes against birds has become in the Lebanon.

Blood in the veins of nature lovers, ornithologists and scientists from all over Europe freezes dealings taking place in Lebanon. Many articles and video reports that it […]