Another Golden Eagle found poisoned, again in Angus

Here we go once again, a major investigation has been launched by the Scottish Police after yet another golden eagle has been found dead in an Angus glen after being poisoned. The body of the eagle, one of Scotland’s most iconic raptors, was found earlier this month, and tests have now confirmed it had been […]

Farming deal falls short of what nature needs for recovery


Thousands of people, including many farmers, have been expressing their concerns about the perilous state of farmland wildlife. Today’s funding announcement by Defra has fallen considerably short of what’s needed to recover populations of these threatened species, meaning that wildlife-friendly farming schemes are going […]

RSPB use remote camera to initiate prosecution against pole trap user.

A part-time game keeper has been convicted of using an illegal trap, designed to harm birds of prey, by his pheasant release pen near Ludlow.


Unusually large number of Arctic snowy owls seen in northern US.

ALBANY, N.Y. – Snow-white owls with luminous yellow eyes are thrilling bird-watchers as the magnificent birds set up winter residence at airports, fields and beaches far south of their normal Arctic range. Snowy owls, familiar to children as Harry Potter’s pet, made a noticeable appearance in the northern half of the U.S. […]