Derbyshire’s High Peak has become a ‘no fly zone’ for persecuted birds of prey

Persecution of protected birds on upland grouse moors in England is affecting bird of prey populations, the RSPB said. A new report issued by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has found wild birds are still being killed illegally, despite 60 years of legal protection.


Peregrine ‘holocaust’ looms on England’s Northern Uplands

The Final Solution.

Raptor Politics first published this appalling story on the 17th December 2013. However, because we have almost doubled the number of twitter followers in the past three months who may not have seen this important article we decided to re-publish in the public interest. The facts contained within Terry Pickford’s article, […]

Barn owls decline following freak weather which has killed thousands

Barn owls are under threat after four successive years of unusual weather, with long winters, cold springs and wet summers. Ornithologists say 2013 will be viewed as the worst year ever recorded for one of Britain’s favourite farmland birds. They fear that there are now fewer than 1,000 breeding pairs of […]