Norfolk Gamekeeper charged with wildlife and firearms offences

Gamekeeper Allen Lambert, 64, who is employed by the Stody Estate near Melton Constable, has been charged with a significant number of offences including the killing of protected birds of prey, including buzzards, a tawny owl and a sparrowhawk.

Mr Lambert has been employed as a gamekeeper on the Stody estate, currently owned by the Knight family, for more than two decades.

Not surprisingly no one from the estate was available to comment regarding these charges which have been brought by the police.

A Norfolk police spokesperson said Lambert was scheduled to appear before King’s Lynn magistrates on Thursday 18th January charged with killing 16 wild birds, including 14 buzzards, one sparrowhawk and a tawny owl.

Lambert is also accused of failure to comply with a firearms certificate, possession of nine buzzards, and 4 counts of possession and storage of banned poisons (Aldicarb and Mevinphos).

All of the charges related to alleged offences between January and April this year.

Lambert is currently on conditional police bail.

Allen Lambert charged with these alleged offences was employed by estate owner and former president of the Country Landowners Association and former trustee of The Game Conservancy ( now known as the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust ) Ian Macnicol. A man at the very heart of the game and shooting industry. Since Macnicol’s death his son Charlie is said to manage the estate.

More in depth detail of this case and the links between the Stody estate and its former and current association with shooting can be found by reading Alan Tilmouth’s Blog  

Farm Subsidy Payments of £1,408,502.30 have been paid to the Stody estate from the European Union Farm Subsidies fund since 2004. You the tax payer fund these payments. Scandalous yes, should these moneys be paid back yes!

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5 comments to Norfolk Gamekeeper charged with wildlife and firearms offences

  • Malcolm Fairley

    I want my money back ! It’s disgraceful that these people receive a subsidy for a shooting estate . We must have vicarious liability in order to protect our wildlife . Having read the Country Life article , I can only conclude that the greatest “vermin” involved actually own the estate !

  • John Scullard

    I am a bird watcher so this really `gets my goat`. This guy seems to be one of the `old school` who regard birds with a `hooked` beak as their enemies. Shame we dont have Phillipine Eagles here…maybe that would change his mind..the kill and eat monkeys…so hopefully the bird may have gotten confused sometime??

    As for the subsidies…no wonger the country is in the state its in…cant afford Nurses, Paramedics, cant look after the aged…too much damn money going to waste…and whos responsible to check on the payment of these ‘ free handouts`??. Wish I could be on the list.

  • Mike Hadfield

    Ok, so what happened, was he prosecuted?

  • tweedler

    I hear on the grapevine the RSPB have already started their intimidating tactics in Bowland!

  • Ralph Cook

    Ian McNicol died in 2006.