Saving the hen harrier is a serious business says Simon Barnes in todays Times.

The two paragraphs below were written by Simon Barnes and published in todays Times. Each relating to the hen harrier stakeholder groups and their discussions in London where they are attempting to find a way forward to return the hen harrier to England. To read Simon’s full article you will need to purchase or […]

Ask the Prime Minister not to cut the life from the English countryside

The RSPB are asking every one to sign this petition this weekend!! David Cameron is talking about £600 million which could be used to benefit wildlife in the countryside. If that money goes to wildlife it will help Birds of Prey. That’s why you should sign the petition. Thanks Editor RSPB Quote: Instead […]

Sixty years of protection but the killing of protected raptors continues


Hen Harrier Image courtesy Dusan Boucny

Despite 2013 being the 60th year of legal protection for wild birds, the latest RSPB Birdcrime report released today tells the continuing story of illegal persecution of the UK’s birds of prey.