RSPB 2012 Raptor Crime Report

RSPB Crime report Scotland 2012Today RSPB Scotland released its persecution report documenting known and suspected incidents of  illegal raptor killing in Scotland throughout 2012. Although the 2012 report shows raptor persecution incidents were down when compared to past years, many who deal with raptors and their on-going protection are convinced the persecutors are becoming much more proficient at concealing their criminal activities along with any evidence. We were particularly impressed by the well written and descriptive foreword  by the RSPB’s Scotland Director, Stuart Housden. We found it very refreshing to discover at long last the RSPB have produced a report where a senior officer has put his money where is mouth is. Stuart Housden must be congratulated; well done that man you deserve a salary increase.  the-illegal-killing-of-birds-of-prey-in-scotland-2012

Douglas McAdam, chief executive of Scottish Land and Estates, said the progress being made in tackling wildlife crime reflected the efforts of a wide range of organisations. He said: “Our members abhor wildlife crime and condemn it out of hand. “We are fully committed to its eradication. “There is absolutely no cause for complacency and the most important thing is that all those involved in land management continue to work together to eradicate wildlife crime.”



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