Australian “White-bellied Sea Eagle” Steals live camera And Films Flight

The attached video shows a white-bellied sea eagle picking up the camera and its subsequent journey was released by wildlife rangers in Western Australia’s Kimberly region. The bird’s flapping wings can be followed as it grabs the device and takes off.

It eventually lands and is later seen poking its face into the camera lens. Rangers set up the motion-sensor camera beside the Margaret River last May hoping to record images of crocodiles.

The camera, which is about six inches (15cm) long and two inches (5cm) wide, disappeared soon after.

The rangers assumed the camera had fallen into the water, but it was then found about 70 miles (110km) away near the Mary River.

Rangers then discovered who the thief was when they examined the footage.

From now on the rangers say they will make sure their cameras are firmly bolted down.

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