Australian “White-bellied Sea Eagle” Steals live camera And Films Flight

The attached video shows a white-bellied sea eagle picking up the camera and its subsequent journey was released by wildlife rangers in Western Australia’s Kimberly region. The bird’s flapping wings can be followed as it grabs the device and takes off.

It eventually lands and is later seen poking its face into the […]

RSPB 2012 Raptor Crime Report

Today RSPB Scotland released its persecution report documenting known and suspected incidents of illegal raptor killing in Scotland throughout 2012. Although the 2012 report shows raptor persecution incidents were down when compared to past years, many who deal with raptors and their on-going protection are convinced the persecutors are becoming much more proficient at concealing […]

If plans to plant millions of trees are given the green light Golden Eagles in Scotland could be doomed.

It is very seldom we find common ground with what Alex Hogg, Chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) or his views and what he has to say about raptors, however on this occasion Alex could be right. While there are suggestions planting millions of trees could increase numbers of prey species for the golden […]