E-Petition: Licencing of upland grouse moors and gamekeepers. Please sign this important document.

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Licencing of upland grouse moors and gamekeepers.

Responsible department: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

 Given the continuing levels of illegal persecution of birds of prey the Government is called upon to introduce a system of operating licences for upland grouse shoots.Following any proven offence of persecution on the shoot concerned, i.e. illegal trapping, use of poisons, shooting or the interference with or destruction of nests, the licence would be revoked for a period of not less than two years and commercial shooting activity cease.

Linked to the above the Government is called upon to introduce an accreditation scheme or licencing system for all gamekeepers, be they employed in a full time or part time capacity. If an individual then has any proven involvement with raptor persecution, the licence would be withdrawn for a period of three years along with the right to hold a gun licence. Any repetition of an offence would result in the licences being withdrawn for life.

Number of signatures:6,720 as of 6 November 2013.

Created by:John Squire Armitage

Closing:27/02/2014 10:36


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9 comments to E-Petition: Licencing of upland grouse moors and gamekeepers. Please sign this important document.

  • John Miles

    The reason the RSPB are not involved with this petition is due to the fact that they are working with the Labour party to add vicarious liability to their 2015 election manifesto. Will RSPB members then vote Labour. I do not think so!

  • gus guthrie

    long overdue

  • Anthony Phillips

    John you are quite correct about the position of the RSPB on this petition. They have taken the soft option again by pursuing the vicarious liability smokescreen. Been a rip-roaring success in Scotland aint it?
    This petition has been running for some time now I believe, but without much more publicity it is of course doomed to fail. What an opportunity for the RSPB to have made a difference by informing their members of its existence? Why they will not even provide a link to this petition on their website leaves a few questions begging in my opinion.

  • paul williams

    The RSPB had a full year to gather solidarity from their members and support Chrissie Harper’s petition for Vicarious Liability.Why didn’t they give their full support back then?

  • paul williams


  • skydancer

    The RSPB are not interested paul,they are far too busy trying to prosecute members of the NWRG than upset their gamekeeper friends.

  • paul williams

    My expertise on Peregrine Falcon behaviour was blatantly obvious for all to see ” Skydancer” .”No charge to answer”.. was my last correspondence I received from my solicitor.

  • I fully support this licensing proposal.I wish when this proposal is passed and accepted that this license is then enforced.What I don’t want to see is the continued persecution of Birds Of Prey in England and no persons responsible being brought to justice,then this will have been a waste of time!