Sweden to introduce major cull of apex predators, including Golden Eagle, Lynx, Wolverine, Bears and Wolves.

The Swedish government wants to kill 5000 of Sweden´s 8000 wild predators. The current population of wolves stand at around 350 individual animals in the country today, now the Swedish authorities want to reduce the number to just 170. This is despite Swedish scientists say they need at least 750 wolves to sustain a healthy population. But this is not just about the wolves. The Swedish authorities also want to kill 50% of the bears, 75% of the golden eagles, 10% of the lynx and the wolverines. This decision will be taken without any scientific basis.
The Golden Eagle is included into this government bill for most unclear reasons. The damage caused by Golden Eagles to livestock is very limited, in fact negligible. The estimated population of Golden Eagles in Sweden is around 600 pairs. This bill contains the wording “a reference level of 150 pairs” for the Golden Eagle.
It is significant the future management of protective hunting would move from the National Environment Protection Agency to the county administrations, many of who are hunters or themselves.It is clear that the purpose is to facilitate protective hunting of not only wolfs, bears, wolverines and lynx but also Golden Eagles.Worst case scenario would be that the population of Golden Eagles are legally decimated by 75 percent aside from the illegal hunting that is sadly not too infrequent. We urge all our followers to sign the petition ‘Stop the Slaughtering of Sweden’s Wild Animals’ below. Please ask all your friends to sign this petition and pass the details on before it is too late. Thank You.


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  • andrew huyton

    Shame on any politician that supports this unscientific slaughter. I had planned on visiting Sweden to view its fantastic scenery and wildlife, if this goes ahead they wont be getting any of my money and I would urge others to boycott the country as well.

  • James Brodie

    There’s just no need……


    cant believe what i have just read
    is this what the human race is coming to.
    we need apex predators more than we need humans!!
    its about time we started having a population cap on humans as its gone too far when we need to take out apex predators so we have more space for our ever growing population.

  • Muhammad Rafey Arshad

    This is BRUTAL.

    from Pakistan.

    Editor’s Comment. Thanks for your comment Muhammad, great to hear from you. Please keep your comments coming in. Editor

  • Rich Borquist

    How can this be done without a scientific basis??

  • Please don’t kill these magnificent animals! We are losing so many already.

  • Evelynn Linden

    I am a Swedish girl in the united states and I have always been proud over how Sweden have been on the forefront for animal care and proper wild life.

    This is a huge disappointment for me to see and read..
    FY FAN!!!!!!!!

    • Hej Evelynn!

      Har du möjlighet att hjälpa mig med uppdatering efter denna gräsliga artikel? Ge mig typ feedback på vad vänner och bekanta säger.
      Lennarth Dahlberg

      Are you able to help me with the update after this horrid article? Give me kind feedback on what friends and family say?

      Lennarth Dahlberg

  • Thanks for posting this on your site Ed. I have signed & circulated.

  • paul williams

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  • Marc

    This is an outrage, Have we learned nothing??!!!! stop f@#king with the environment or it will f@#k us you idots!
    wouldn’t it be more beneficial for all t shoot politicians instead?! I declare Politicion hunting season open!

  • John

    Is there any reason why they are doing this? Madness, absolute madness. Is there anything that can be done to stop them through the European Union?

  • This is unconscionable. There should be a scientific fact finding of a need to cull any species prior to taking such an action. The consequences of removing predators from the cycle of life will undoubtedly be felt in years to come if this action is taken. In the US we have had to re-introduce wolves to control herds of deer and elk because the population expansion of those herds was decimating forest underbrush to the point that many other species were put at risk as their habitat and food sources were destroyed by the huge deer population…which began to experience starvation and disease. Predators have their place in the environment.

  • PattiO

    Are they NUTS?????????????? In AMERICA Golden Eagles are a protected species and it is against the law to shoot them. Who do these ‘lawmakers’ think they are?

    • Falcoscot

      Protected unless you’re a wind farm operator and then USFWS will issue licenses to cover all the eagles and Condors you’re wind turbines kill.

  • paul williams

    My God..We will all be going to War next because there are too many humans on the planet…

  • Angela Kaiser

    Think people!
    Clearly stupidity is running rampit here!!!!

  • John Miles

    This has apparently appeared due to the ‘populist’ party who are trying to gain rural votes. There is mass killing in Reindeer country by the Laps who like the Red Grouse moors do not believe in laws to protect wildlife. There are 867 territories of Golden Eagle with 468 occupied this year with 162 successful producing 195 young in a poor breeding season. It is unlikely this party will get in!!

  • angelique holmberg

    Where the heck did you get your information from? There’s No truth Whatsoever in this!


    A Swede

  • Elisa Berg

    This is an outright falsehood. There’s no such Proposition, Petition, Bill nor Law! You need to check your facts. There’s some hunting groups suggesting that the wildlife population should be culled, but that’s all it is, a suggestion by some trigger happy people, that’s in a very large minority!

    The swedish government have NOT agreed to this, even if it was a Bill, the Swedish population would never agree!

    I suggest that you remove this petition since you are spreading outright lies…. Again, check your Facts before you jump to conclusions!

    If you don’t believe me, here’s the email to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket): wildlife-management@swedishepa.se

    Somehow I doubt that you will allow my comment to stand, but at least you have somewhere to write and get the truth on this matter.

    Swedish and proud of it!

    Editor’s Comment. Elisa, thank you for getting in touch with your comment, this is great news which we at Raptor Politics are pleased to highlight. We can only tell you that we took the petition on face value, but we felt we should provide details of the petition on our blog. By the way Raptor Politics had nothing to do with setting up the petition, we just passed the information to all our followers to make their own minds up, to sign or not. Elisa, read the comment below submitted by John Miles.

  • Ben

    This link suggests there is a bill, but doesn’t give figures: http://www.regeringen.se/sb/d/17125/a/223678 – “Government presents predator bill to Riksdag”

    Date 13th Sept 2013.

  • steve vallance

    I strongly disagree with this slaughter. Predators were brought to the edge of existence once out of ignorance. Humans and predators can live together if the proper safety measures are developed and incorporated. Please let predators have their place once again to complete the system. Killing them is a shortcut, lazy and removes the possibility of viewing their world from a safe distance by our children who will appreciate nature in its complete form.

  • if you wanna do something, you can start by signing this petition to save the Swedish predators:


    Marcus Eldh

  • Wybe Visser

    This is not possible, that politicians are so retarded stupid

  • Getard Roantree

    This is a disgrace! Predators were here long before the swedes were even thought of. They already kill hundreds of innocent whales each year for no apparent reason. Maybe we should start culling the swedes.

  • Anders Grahn


    please check the facts for this petition. The Swedish parliament has not taken any decision on a cull for golden eagle or any other apex predator. It has passed legislation which established the level of the so called “favourable conservation status” in order to fulfill its obligations under the EU Habitats directive.

  • chris gaskell

    In a country that has so much space for these animals it is a disgrace! I have many Swedish clients and I will ensure that I bring this up in conversation!

  • I hope Anders Grahn is right, I also think you can’t legally do this under the EU directives?

    • Karen Nichols

      You can’t but it won’t be the first time Sweden has gone against EU directives.

      Editor’s Comment. Karen thank you for your second comment. As it was so long and interesting we have added this as a story not a comment, we hope you will not mind? Editor

  • JEZ


  • Joe smith

    Culling 75% of all politicians would be far better for the world!!! Shame on you politicians.