Marks and Spencer: Grouse sales to the public.

Raptor Politics has just received a copy of a reply sent by Marks and Spencer to John Miles regarding the sale of red grouse to the public, which the company claims are sourced from estates which protect and enhance natural habitats for a bio-diverse landscape. This claim is at odds with the true reality of what is taking place on moorlands throughout northern England, lots of red grouse but no raptors, bio-diversity, the facts are clear for everyone to see. We urge all our readers to boycott Marks and Spencer until the company ends the sale of red grouse sourced from moorland where so called ‘protected birds of prey’ have and continue to be eliminated.
Picking up on the  claim  made by Simon Hoskins ‘Value to rural communities’ If the birds of prey weren’t being illegally killed they themselves would add more value to the local community by providing ’12 months of the year’ potential for tourism’ so what M&S are saying does not ring true!!
Supporting a bio diverse landscape is really a mono culture so sadly that does not work also.
Improve estate management – Lots of birds of prey next year!!
Sent: Friday, August 30, 2013 3:34 PM
Subject: M&S ref: 1-448885715 / SD

Dear Mr Miles

Thank you taking the time to contact Steve Rowe regarding our game sourcing policy.  As a member of his personal team, I am replying on his behalf.

We want to provide clarity on our policies that you have queried.  At M&S we are incredibly proud of the lengths we go to in our sourcing policies and our commitment to offer our customers choice.

We work with our supplier to ensure that they source from estates which protect and enhance natural habitats for a bio-diverse landscape.  As a minimum they ensure that all estates comply with legislation. A key success factor in protecting high conservation habitats is ensuring that they are recognised as adding value to rural communities.

This is why we believe that sourcing game from well managed estates is an important contributor to encouraging and supporting a bio-diverse landscape.  We are committed to work closely with these estates to improve estate management as part of our Farming for the Future programme.

Thanks once again for taking the time to contact Steve Rowe. I hope I have helped to reassure you of our ethical standards regarding the introduction of grouse to our stores.


Kind regards

Simon Hoskins

Executive Office


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