The Golden Eagle Trust Ltd: 2013 Red Kite Report Ireland

The Golden Eagle Trust Ltd

“B3 flies free again in Co. Dublin!”


20th August 2013

The Dublin Red Kite Blue White B3 has been helped by the amazing actions of Nessie Bergin and north Co. Dublin farmer David Garrigan. Mr Garrigan who initially found the tagged […]

England: North East Red Kite Breeding Report 2013

Friends of Red Kites (FoRK) have released the latest figures regarding the species’ success during the 2013 breeding season in the Northeast of England. For some reason-probably the loss of kites to illegal persecution in winter when they wander around-the population is failing to expand on the pattern of other re-introductions. The figures for […]

White-tailed eagle: First eaglet successfully fledged in east Scotland reports RSPB

For the first time in almost two centuries a pair of White-tailed eagles have bred in the east of mainland Scotland.

Conservationists confirmed today (20 August) that a pair released in 2009 as part of a successful reintroduction project, have raised one chick in a Forestry Commission Scotland wood in Fife.

Between […]

Malta: Autumn bird migration begins, but so to does the illegal slaughter of protected birds

Some of this year’s first migrating birds have already been shot and killed by illegal hunters on Malta according to reports from Birdlife this week.

The killing took place in four locations around the island of Malta over the past three days. BirdLife said a member of the public reported seeing an early migrating Marsh […]