Marks and Spencer: Grouse sales to the public.

Raptor Politics has just received a copy of a reply sent by Marks and Spencer to John Miles regarding the sale of red grouse to the public, which the company claims are sourced from estates which protect and enhance natural habitats for a bio-diverse landscape. This claim is at odds with the true reality […]

A Saga of Sea Eagles by John A. Love: Review by John Miles

A Saga of Sea Eagles by John A Love Published buy Whittles Publishing: ISBN number 978-1-84995-080-0 Price £19.95: 248 pages

John is a lucky lad having been in the right place at the right time to see the reintroduction of the Sea Eagle right from the beginning. It was the voluntary work at Loch Garten […]

Four Red Kites found dead possibly the result of poisoning in Northern Ireland this year

Following the latest discovery that a fourth dead Red Kite has now been found, possibly the result of poisoning, the RSPB have appealed for the public to come forward with information.


The Hen Harrier, talking a load of old Waddell.

Despite a great deal of hard work and effort to conserve our native English hen harriers, involved many years of fruitless discussion with the shooting community to reach a consensus, we are are losing the battle but the political war will continue let there be no mistake about that. Bring on Mark Avery’s next e-petition. […]

Bristol peregrine falcon recovering after being shot

A young peregrine falcon which was found injured by a roadside near Bristol had been shot, it has now emerged.


Rutland ospreys: Back from the verge of extinction

A groundbreaking project to reintroduce the majestic osprey to central England is toasting its success.

Established in the 1990s, the Rutland Water Osprey Project was the first of its kind in Europe and it is hoped the birds of prey will now be allowed to colonise neighbouring counties.

This year’s young fledglings will soon make […]

The Golden Eagle Trust Ltd: 2013 Red Kite Report Ireland

The Golden Eagle Trust Ltd

“B3 flies free again in Co. Dublin!”


20th August 2013

The Dublin Red Kite Blue White B3 has been helped by the amazing actions of Nessie Bergin and north Co. Dublin farmer David Garrigan. Mr Garrigan who initially found the tagged […]

England: North East Red Kite Breeding Report 2013

Friends of Red Kites (FoRK) have released the latest figures regarding the species’ success during the 2013 breeding season in the Northeast of England. For some reason-probably the loss of kites to illegal persecution in winter when they wander around-the population is failing to expand on the pattern of other re-introductions. The figures for […]

White-tailed eagle: First eaglet successfully fledged in east Scotland reports RSPB

For the first time in almost two centuries a pair of White-tailed eagles have bred in the east of mainland Scotland.

Conservationists confirmed today (20 August) that a pair released in 2009 as part of a successful reintroduction project, have raised one chick in a Forestry Commission Scotland wood in Fife.

Between […]

Malta: Autumn bird migration begins, but so to does the illegal slaughter of protected birds

Some of this year’s first migrating birds have already been shot and killed by illegal hunters on Malta according to reports from Birdlife this week.

The killing took place in four locations around the island of Malta over the past three days. BirdLife said a member of the public reported seeing an early migrating Marsh […]