Hen Harrier Success at Langholm

We are delighted to report the good news that two pairs of hen harriers have successfully hatched 10 chicks between them on the Duke of Buccleuh’s estates at Langholm. One nest has been recorded containing 6 chicks, a second nest contains 4 chicks together with a single unhatched egg. This is indeed very good news, however if past trends are anything to go by, the main danger will lie ahead after the chicks fledge. As we all know hen harriers reared at Langholm then migrate away from the region passing over other grouse moors where their presence is not welcomed. Harriers fledged from nests at Langholm in recent years have even travelled into the northern Pennines where sadly they quickly disappeared off the radar.



4 comments to Hen Harrier Success at Langholm

  • Have any been satellite tagged ?

    Editor’s Comment. As the chicks in both nests are still too small, any tags will only be fitted when the chicks are larger. However, it is doubtfull that all the chicks would be fitted with satellite tags as the cost would be very high.

  • If the project really is about researching & restoring the hen harrier population than I would have thought a few satellite tags would be small change in the scheme of things. I suspect however that the “cost would be very high” in terms of adverse publicity for the grouse shooting industry when any sat tagged bird “disappeared over one of their moors, which would be inevitable. If they are not satellite tagged I believe that will be the reason. It will be interesting to see if the likes of the RSPB & NE are complicit with the game industry in the decision!

  • Jock Scott

    Langholm not Langholme

    Editor’s Comment, Jock thanks for this correction. Welcome back by the way, have you been out of the country?

  • Hi Ed, according to the Raptor Persecution Scotland website young have already been sat tagged so they are older than you have been led to believe. I must say I was surprised when you said they were too small at this time of the year.

    Editor’s Comment. Dave you were corrrect, however the chicks from the second brood because they were still too small to tag will be fitted with tags this week or next.