Norwich Cathedral peregrine falcon: Chick found dead

A peregrine falcon chick that hatched on Norwich Cathedral has died, just days after all four chicks fledged successfully. The survival of the chicks and their leaving the nest was understood to be a first in the city for more than 200 years.

Fledged Peregrine Chicks by Sam Hobson

Hunting fears as rare golden eagles vanish in Scotland’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’

Writing in yesterdays Independent, Oliver Duggan highlights the disappearance of yet another Golden Eagle in what he claims is becoming Scotland’s avian “Bermuda triangle”. Duggan points to the fear these iconic raptors are being systematically hunted. Well we all know that but very, if anything is being done that will bring an end to this […]

New wildlife crime measures to help prevent raptor persecution welcome says RSPB Scotland

[singlepic id=382 w=560 h=480 float=center] Prevailing levels of human killing are having a devastating effect on the populations of some of our native bird of prey species

In response to the Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse’s announcement of new measures to tackle crimes against Scotland’s birds of prey, Duncan Orr-Ewing, Head of Species and […]