Image of the Month-Pair of feeding Golden Eagles

Raptor Politics always welcomes images of raptors, especially when photographed under extreme and unusual conditions. Today we are very fortunate to have been sent one of the finest images taken of a pair of Golden Eagles feeding together in the Beskydy mountains (Czech Republic) on the carcass of a dead fox. The superb image was sent to Raptor Politics by the Golden Eagle Reintroduction Project leader Otakar Zavalsky, who asked us to share this image with our discerning followers. It is important to point out the image was obtained from phototrap permanently installed over-looking the carcass of the fox . We hope you like what you see? The last succesful breeding of Golden Egles in the Czech Republic was  in 1893 in Beskydy mountains.


Pair of adult Golden Eagles reintroduced from Slovakia into the Beskydy Mountains in Northern Moravia four years ago. Image taken March 2013

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