Canadian Activists Target Wind Farm Installation.

Fisherville, Haldimand Cty, Ontario:

Six days after Ontario officials allowed Nexera Energy to remove a bald eagle’s nest by cutting down the tree holding the nest to make way for industrial wind turbines, one of those turbines has now been vandalized. You can read the original article here.

Active Bald […]

BirdLife Malta sends important questionnaire to all election candidates

Bird Life Malta has sent out a questionnaire to each general election candidate from all political parties asking them to state their positions on a number of key issues related to wildlife protection on the island, law enforcement and access to the countryside. […]

Raptors: Their poisoning continues across Europe.

Recently Raptor Politics reported the successful prosecution of a Lincolnshire gamekeeper, 71-year-old Robert William Hebblewhite, of Appleby,Scunthorpe. Hebblewhite was fined a total £1950 after he was convicted of killing two buzzards and possessing Carbofuran, a banned poison. After the trial the RSPB commented by saying the quantity of Carbofuran found at Hebblewhite’s home would have […]