“UK Wildlife Crime Unit Faces the Chop – Sign the E-Petition below

Wildlife Crime Unit

Responsible department: Home Office


Britain’s National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU), which leads the fight against the burgeoning illegal wildlife trade, may be facing the axe. The National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU) is a British national police unit that gathers intelligence on wildlife crime and provides analytical and investigative support to police services.

Wildlife crime of all types is rapidly growing across the world, with elephant and rhino poaching both hitting new highs in 2012; organised crime is increasingly involved. Illegal bird trade, smuggling amphibians, raptor persecution and rhino horn are key operations.

A mere £136,000 has yet to be signed off by Home Office and funding expires 31/3/13. DEFRA have agreed their share.

Please sign this e-petition to prove to the government and the Home Office we are sick and fed up with cutbacks, especially when it effects our wonderful and irreplaceable flora and fauna, we need the Wildlife Crime Unit to keep doing it’s wonderful work unless we want to live in a world where wildlife is used for man’s greed and eventually exterminated altogether. This government stinks and needs to rethink it’s values and you are the ones to show them what we feel about it.


Not only is this coalition government robbing many of the benefits we together with our parents worked for, some of who fought to protect our country, they are now trying to undermine pleasures that most in our society get from watching inspiring and iconic wildlife.

We feel very angry that our grandchildren and their children in all probability will not get the chance to enjoy the natural beauty of our countryside or the wildlife that once upon a time was everywhere to enjoy. Many of our conservative leaders and their estate owning friends and supporters consider for example iconic birds of prey like the golden eagle, peregrine, goshawk and the hen harrier a threat to their sporting enjoyment, which as most of us involved with conservation already realise they place before everything else. This is why we strongly urge everyone to sign this important e-petition to protect not only our Wildlife Crime Unit, but also the wildlife that still remains which this government is so determined to destroy.


Why not contact your MP now, and ask him or her to sign the the Early Day Motion 603 in support of more funding for our National Wildlife Crime Unit not less. You can contact your MP on the Internet. If he or she tells you they are unable to sign, then ask them to explain why not and send the replies you receive to raptor politics and we will publish all of them.

Early Day Motion 603 – please help protect the National Wildlife Crime Unit

4 comments to “UK Wildlife Crime Unit Faces the Chop – Sign the E-Petition below

  • Andrew Wiggins

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how much Defra’s share was?

  • Terry Pickford, North West Raptor Group

    Having asked the public and their members to donate £600.000 for the protection of hen harriers that no longer exist, at least not in England and the borders of Scotland, perhaps the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds should consider donating some or all of that money to finance the ongoing work of the Wildlife Crime Unit? After all, if this vital unit is prevented from undertaking its important role who is going to protect the wildlife that remains?

  • nirofo

    This government is gradually nibbling away at everything that legally protects our wildlife and might interfere with their archaic 19th century shooting lifestyles, we need to ensure that they don’t get away with it that easily. If the RSPB would get it’s act together and show it’s considerable strength by putting it’s one million plus members in the picture about the sorry plight of our Raptors and get them to stand up and be noticed, then perhaps maybe we might just make a start into putting a stop to the the escalating criminal persecution and damage that’s being done to our wildlife and the environment by the gun toting minority.

  • Yes the RSPB should donate the money they have asked many of us to contribute towards the Hen Harriers to the WLCU as they don’t need it. t
    ]They cannot save what they have allowed to be persecuted to the verge of extinction, they have lost all credibility in mine and many other peoples eyes as they do not practice what they preach.

    If we all did things for glory and brownie points nothing would ever be fought for, you have to stick to your principals even though you know you will upset someone, the Hen Harrier will not flourish purely because the RSPB are too frightened of the landowners who line their pockets and don’t want to rock the boat in any way that prevents them raising money, double standards or what.?