UK Wildlife crime unit faces the chop over funding crisis

Britain’s National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU), which leads the fight against the burgeoning illegal wildlife trade, may be facing the axe. Concern is growing about the future of the widely praised unit, as the Home Office is refusing to agree its funding, which runs out on 31 March.

It would appear all gamekeepers are law-abiding […]

RSPB responds to Ban the Burn’s complaint to Europe over Walshaw Moor

RSPB media release 4 January 2012

On Thursday 10 January Hebden Bridge campaign group Ban the Burn is submitting a complaint to the European Commission over actions by Natural England, the statutory body responsible for safeguarding the nation’s countryside. The group’s complaint relates to Natural England’s decision in March 2012 to drop its prosecution […]


Local campaigners are asking the European Commission to investigate a potential misuse of European funding by Natural England, the UK’s nature watchdog. A representative of the BAN THE BURN campaign, based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, will travel to Brussels on 10th January to meet Jean-François Brakeland, head of the Compliance Promotion, Governance and Legal […]