Radical new anti-windfarm alliance launched

A new alliance of Scottish anti-windfarm campaigners is promising bigger, stronger, more radical action against the Scottish Government’s “ruinous” industrial wind policy. Pulling together thousands of activists across Scotland and in social media, the new alliance is building on the anti-wind protest at the SNP’s annual conference in Perth in October.

One of its leaders, […]

Wildcats facing imminent extinction in Scotland following decades of persecution and interbreeding.

The Scottish wildcat, Britain’s rarest mammal and one of Scotland’s most iconic predators, will soon be extinct if a last-ditch effort to save the species in 2013 fails, conservationists have warned.

The Scottish Wild Cat an increasing rare sight following decades of persecution.

The wildcat, which once roamed throughout the […]

Crown’s Angus estate buzzard trial appeal dismissed

APPEAL COURT judges have thrown out a Crown challenge over the acquittal of an Angus gamekeeper on a buzzard trapping charge. In June this year, Anstruther Smith, of Cortachy, near Kirriemuir, faced trial at Forfar Sheriff Court on charges relating to alleged breaches of the Wildlife and Countryside Act.


Terry Pickford invites you to join him bird watching in the Czech Republic May 2016.

Three-toed woodpecker-Photographed in southern Bohemia. Are you a birder with a passion and interest in getting up close to rare and endangered raptors, for example Imperial Eagle, White-tailed Eagle Ural Owl, Black Kite, Honey Buzzard and Montagu’s Harrier. If so this exclusive 7 day visit next May to southern Bohemia and Moravia in […]

Exemptions to EU law cause wildlife damage in Malta

Despite condemnation from the European Court of Justice and repeated warnings from the European Commission, Malta seems to be determined to continue ignoring EU laws on the regulation of hunting. BirdLife Europe asks the European Commission to finally take decisive action.


Scottish Windfarm Harrier deaths renew calls for continued windfarm monitoring

RSPB Scotland has today (21st December 2012) confirmed that an adult male hen harrier was found dead at a Perthshire wind farm, with a second bird found injured three weeks later. Hen harriers are a scarce species that hunt over rough grazings and moorland.


Clam traps approved by Scottish Natural Heritage ‘pose risk’ to birds of prey

Wildlife organisations say the clam traps will pose an increased risk to raptors

Birds of prey in Scotland will be at risk of injury or death because of a decision by SNH to allow the use of so-called “clam traps”, according to campaigners. RSPB Scotland and the Scottish SPCA are among organisations which have […]

Eagle Snatches Child Video-Faked in Studio

“I have no doubt that the usual idiots will brand this video as a fake but then again they probably don’t believe the holocaust took place either” claimed a Scottish Gamekeepers Association spokesperson after watching the video. But now after the hoax was exposed the SGA have had to eat humble pie. This just goes […]

Polish Greater Spotted Eagle shot in Montenegro results in spy scare.

The illegal shooting of any bird of prey is always a disappointment and a tragic loss, but when we learn one of Europe’s most endangered species, in this case a Greater Spotted Eagle, has been needlessly shot on its annual southerly migration the loss is even more important.


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